Terms and Conditions
How is with the payment? / Terms of payment
The booked activities are to be fully paid before the start of the activity as followed:For your booking to be confirmed we require a 30% deposit. The rest is paid on your arrival with cash or through bank transfer prior to the meeting.

Refund policy: Cancellation from the provider / If we cancel
All of the activities are weather dependent, and may be cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement or other unsafe conditions. We reserve the right to cancel any tour at any activity, for any reason. In this case you get a full refund of your booking. 
Tours may be cancelled or rescheduled if the required number of participants is not achieved prior to departure. Full refund will be provided.

Customer cancellation / If you cancel
To cancel your tour/activity we need at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled tour written and confirmed cancellation notice, or we cannot provide a refund. No-shows are paid in full and not refunded. 
To cancel your booking of apartments or sleeping packages 7 days prior: 30%,3 days - 25 hours: 50%,24 hours and no-shows: 100%.
Covid and travel restriction related cancellations are excluded and fully or partly refunded.  

General liability
Damage claims against the organiser or the assistants are excluded, as far as the damage was not caused by negligence or intentionally. The organiser is authorised to have assistants or call on third parties to provide valued services. Should the organiser lawfully transfer the execution of the activity to a third party, the organiser shall not be held responsible for the third party’s actions or neglect during execution of the activity. The organiser will especially not be held responsible for damages which are caused by the actions or neglect of the activity leader should this conduct not fall under his/her contracted responsibility; as cause of actions of third parties, other participants, the participant (especially under point 1), acts of God, natural occurrences, official regulations etc or damages caused by delayed return to the starting point of the activity. Should the participant not follow the instructions of the organiser, activity leader, etc, all liability of the organiser is dropped.By attending any of the activities, the attendee grants our organization permission to use the photos made during the trip //in any and all publications and promotional materials without payment or consideration made to them// for promotional purposes.