Why we love what we do
We’re a new company brought to life by a love of nature and the environment that we live in. Our mission is to inspire healthier tourism through truly cherishing nature. Everything we do and provide is to remind ourselves and others to appreciate the beauty of our surroundings with the passion it deserves. Join us, and fully experience our valley from genuine perspectives.
Our main advantage is our location. Abyss Adventures is located in village Soča, at the start of Lepena valley. If you are staying in Trenta or in the village of Soča there is no need to drive all the way to Bovec to enjoy canyoning or rafting! We are located only a few minutes walk from a major tourist attraction The Great Soča Gorge. While waiting for your activity to start, you can enjoy the view of vertical walls of Bavški Grintovec. And the view to the Kanin mountain range will leave you speechless.
Abyss noun {uh-bis}:
A deep or seemingly bottomless chasm;
an immeasurably deep gulf or great space.
Synonyms: chasm, gorge, canyon, gulf, ocean
The Team
Petra Komac
co-founder, administrative director, yoga teacher
Year of birth
Bachelor in Economics
Favorite hobby
Favorite canyon
Favorite animal
languages spoken
Slovenian, English, Croatian, some Spanish
Petra’s main goal in life is to create a lifestyle that she enjoys living! And seemingly so, she is on the right path! She has worked many jobs, but any way around, she loves working in tourism. She always says it makes her feel like being on one of her travels as well! While Tjaž was working as a ski instructor during the winters, she went traveling. Petra is taking all your inquiries and helping you choose the right activity! She is also guiding revitalising yoga classes.
She first seriously met with yoga while living in Spain. Soon yoga became a part of her everyday life. This love took her to India, which now sees as an important event that changed her life completely. Yoga is her forever companion, she loves practicing and teaching. But she also loves tourists and enjoys creating something on her own. When being a small kid she was sure that one day she will stay in Soča forever! And now this has come true. Let her share the love for this place with you as well!
Tjaž Kleva
co-founder, guide
Year of birth
BS Engineer of Agronomy
Favorite hobby
Scuba diving and Canyoning
Favorite canyon
Lavarie - Italy
Favorite animal
Ski Instrctor IVSI, SSI Scuba Assistant Instructor, SSI Snorkel Instructor, SSI Basic Freediving Instructor, SoZS Assistant Canyoning Guide, White Water Rescuer Program C, IRF Raft Guide - Level 3
languages spoken
Slovenian, English, Italian, Croatian
Our guide Tjaž says that he measures canyons by the beauty and diversity inside. And this is what he wants you to experience on his tours. He started his career in his early years as a ski instructor. Since then, this is how he was spending his winters. Teaching kids and families skiing. His everlasting love for the ocean and scuba diving led him to pursue an Assistant Instructor licence. This allowed him to lead the dives for the Diving Center Manta on the Slovenian coast. His wish is one day to become a Scuba Instructor! (Who knows, maybe one day you’ll dive with Abyss Adventures on some tropical island.)
When he met Petra, his path took him from the coast to the mountains. He first tried canyoning on a guided tour in Fratarica, just the one you can experience with us! Since then he’s hooked on the nature he finds in the canyons. One love led to another, and soon he dived so deep that he took over guiding canyoning and rafting tours.
Head of Security
Year of birth
favourite hobby
Sitting on humans
Marcel will surely greet you as soon as you arrive! Maybe he will bark at first, but know that he is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. He loves cuddles, and long walks.
But let’s be honest, the thing he loves the most is food! Basically any food. He tasted and liked salad, carrots, and corn. He hates rain and knows all wild animals living in our area. Give him a cuddle and become his best friend!
CERTIFIED Trouble Maker
Year of birth
favourite hobby
Playing with walnuts
Abby is the smallest in our team, yet the biggest character of them all. Look up the tree and see her climbing, doing what she loves the most.
At first she seems like a wild cat, but rest assured you will hear her purr! She loves playing with walnuts and her favorite creature is her older brother Marcel.
Let it be adrenaline or relaxation, we can make your holiday memorable. Check our tours and carefully designed packages.