Experience the underwater delights of Soča river. Activity perfect for nature explorers or underwater lovers. Some parts feel like you’re on the moon, while others seem like a sandy beach. While snorkeling Soča, you get to meet the famous Soča trout and be amazed by the white rocks that are typical in Soča river.
In the river Soča
Before you jump into the river to experience the clear, vivid blue waters running through one of the narrow gorges carved by the Soča River, we take you on a walk through an artificial tunnel created during World War I. Then it’s time to get your mask and fins on and enter the river. Don’t worry; our warm neoprene suits protect you from the freezing cold water! This activity is perfect for underwater explorers. Your guide is a knowledgeable snorkeling instructor, so he always ensures a fun, enriching experience!
Discover what this mystic river hides under its surface!
General information
activity duration
1-1,5 hours
Everyday at 5 pm
Deepest point
4-6 m
Summer avg. water temp.
10,5 °C
Maximum group size
4 people
minimum age
10 years
what is included
Licensed guide, transfer, professional equipment, free photos
what do i need
Towel, swimming suit, necessary medications (asthma spray, allergy remedies, etc)
requirements ⚠️
Swimming knowledge
nature and wildlife
Soča trout, shrimps, larva caddisflies, algae, different kind of fishes, snakes, birds
Snorkeling is not possible in high water flows
Per person
Make a reservation
Certified instructor
Unique experience