River walking Učja
beginner • 3 HOURS
River walking Učja is an experience in Soča Valley perfect for nature lovers! It’s suitable for anyone that would like to soak in the beauty of the canyon only by walking and swimming. But if you want, we can also add some jumps to make it more adventurous.
River Učja originates in Italy. On it’s way it created 5 gorgers. Ice and snow, together with karst terrain made this part rich with natural phenomena. Due to the uniqueness of the environment many endangered animal species inhabited the valley of river Učja. Because of many undercuts and sifons, other gorges in the upper part of the river are dangerous.
Our fun activity will take place in the last gorge of the river Učja. We start where the Globoški potok canyon ends. Učja finishes it’s independent path in river Soča. This is also where we leave the car to start the adventure.
To get to the entry point of the canyon we have a 30 minutes panoramic hike resting our eyes on the Učja valley. Before entering the canyon we put the equipment on. Your guide will inform you with all the information so you’ll feel safe in the canyon! Excitement grows as we finally enter the river. Can you already feel some cold water in your shoes? Canyoning in the Učja canyon consists mostly of walking on the river bed. On some parts we meet with rapids which we carefully avoid. On the way down, your look stops on high vertical walls of the gorge and stunning untouched jungle-like nature. Emerald pools are inviting us to join the fishes swimming in them.
We finish where river Učja finishes it’s 10 km long path. Together we drive back home where we rewind our memories over and over again.
General information
activity duration
3 hours
Everyday at 1:30 pm
Highest waterfall
2 m
Maximum group size
8 people
minimum age
12 years
what is included
Licensed guide, transfer, professional equipment, free photos
what do i need
Towel, swimming suit, necessary medications (asthma spray, allergy remedies, etc)
requirements ⚠️
Swimming knowledge
nature and wildlife
Emerald green pools, junlgle-like nature, fishes, birds
Per person
(min 3 persons)
licensed guide
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