beginner • 3—4 HOURS
Fratarica is the first canyon with which we fell in love! The stream that creates Fratarica’s vertical canyon is located in Triglav national park in Log pod Mangartom. This canyon is perfect for beginners. We do some jumping, rappelling, sliding, and walking. It’s just the right place to prepare yourself for harder canyons!
After a 25-minute drive from Soča, we arrive at Log pod Mangartom, where we prepare our gear and hike for 40 minutes. On the way up, you catch glimpses of the waterfalls that fill you with anticipation for the fun to come. At the entry point, you put your equipment on, and our guide informs you about everything you need to know to feel safe in the canyon. At that point, you can completely surrender to the natural beauties you find there. Look for white stones, lush green pools, and larva caddisflies, which are indicators of oxygen-rich drinking water. As you go down the 50-meter waterfall Parabola, you understand that fun lives in the Fratarica canyon!
Together, we drive back to Soča, feeling richer for the new experience.
General information
activity duration
3—4 hours
Everyday at 9 am
Highest waterfall
50 m
Highest jump
5 m
number of waterfalls
12 waterfalls
Maximum group size
6 people
minimum age
10 years
what is included
Licensed guide, transfer, professional equipment, free photos
what do i need
Towel, swimming suit, necessary medications (asthma spray, allergy remedies, etc)
requirements ⚠️
Swimming knowledge
nature and wildlife
Emerald color pools, white rock gorge, larva caddisflies, fishes, frogs, if we are lucky chamois
Per person
(min. 2 persons)
licensed guide
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